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Holiday Viewing

Options based on Decoder

Decoder Type Decoder AND
Only Smartcard
DSD1110 Standard Front
DSD 1110
Yes No
DSD1131 Standard Decoder
DSD 1131
Yes No
DSD1132 Standard Decoder
DSD 1132
Yes No
HD PVR 4P Decoder
4 Tuner HD PVR
Yes No
HD PVR 2P Decoder
2 Tuner HD PVR (2P)
Yes No
HD PVR 2U Decoder
2 Tuner HD PVR (2U)
Yes No
XtraView Network

If you're the proud owner of the latest decoder(s) (DSD 1110, DSD 1131 or HD PVR) you will have to take your decoder and smartcard with you. The reason for this is that these decoders and smartcards are 'paired' to each other, and the smartcard will only function in the decoder with which it is paired. Smartcards in these decoders will not work in any other decoder. And if the place you're going to has one of these decoders and you don't, your smartcard will also not work in these decoders as they will not accept any other smartcard.

If you have an XtraView network set up at your home, then you can only take your primary decoder and smartcard with you on holiday, bearing in mind that your secondary decoder will not function at home, since it will be Waiting for Communication...

So if you're leaving anyone home alone for the holidays, we recommend that you break your XtraView network while both decoders are still plugged in and communicating with each other, and then you can cart the decoder and smartcard with you on holiday. This will mean, however, that you're paying for two subscriptions for the duration of your holiday viewing.

Decoder Type Decoder AND
Only Smartcard
SD PVR Decoder
No Yes
Dualview Decoder
Dual View
No Yes
Older Model No Yes

If you own the older models of decoder(s) and the holiday accommodation you're going to also has an older model decoder, then your smartcard will definitely work, although you may get an E17 error when you first insert your smartcard into the decoder. This can be cleared by logging in to your account or you can sms your smartcard number + E17 to 32443 and wait for the error to clear.

If you have any PVR decoder, and the holiday home does not have the correct satellite dish and configuration set up, then your PVR decoder will function like a standard decoder, without any of the PVR functionality that you would enjoy at home.